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Terms and Conditions

When entering a repair/service contract with Smart Phone Medic, you agree to all of the sections of the following Terms and Conditions. As the consumer you acknowledge that you have made all efforts possible to seek and understand all information contained inSmart Phone Medic’s Terms and Conditions as they relate to you and your selected service. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand all the terms of service and the associated conditions before entering a service contract with Smart Phone Medic.

1. Lifetime Warranty Policy

All parts and labor on device repair services, provisioned by Smart Phone Medic, are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers any defects on parts installed by Smart Phone Medic, as well as the workmanship associated with the repair.

2. Pricing, Quotations and Payments

All Smart Phone Medic pricing and quotations are approximate and are subject to change. Should our technicians determine that your device requires additional work, or parts, beyond the initial quote,Smart Phone Medic will advise you accordingly and your approval on this additional work would always be sought before proceeding. Smart Phone Medic does not charge for repairs where our technicians find that there is no solution for your device’s fault (liquid damage being the only exception). Payment may be required upfront or at the time of collection, subject to the discretion of Smart Phone Medic’s Customer Service Representative. Smart Phone Medic reserves the right to exercise a lien over the device in instances of non-payment. The customer acknowledges that the lien will be enforced until such time the service is paid for or the device is recycled as per clause 11. Repair payments will not be refunded if the device can be repaired under the original service contract. If the original service contract cannot be fulfilled under the terms of Smart Phone Medic’s warranty, the original payment will be refunded in full.

3. Parts

All parts used by Smart Phone Medic for mobile phone and tablet repairs are aftermarket parts, which may be refurbished or copies of the original part. All Smart Phone Medic’s parts are covered by Smart Phone Medic’s Lifetime Warranty.

4. Turnaround Time

Any turnaround time communicated by a Customer Service Representative is approximate and subject to change. Where necessary, your Customer Service Representative will update you if there will be any significant delay in relation to your requested service, repair or associated parts order.

5. Your Data

We understand that in most cases your data and sim card are very important to you. We strongly recommend that you back up and/or store your data on a separate device prior to booking your device in for any type of repair and remove your sim card from the device. You acknowledge that Smart Phone Medic is not responsible for any loss or damages to data or sim cards and agree to release Smart Phone Medic of any liability.

6. Limitation of liability

By engaging in the services provided by Smart Phone Medic, you acknowledge and accept that any existing warranty that your device may have may be made void as a function of the repair process. Smart Phone Medic bears no responsibility should this occur. Subject to any responsibilities implied by law and terms of Smart Phone Medic’s Lifetime Warranty, Smart Phone Medic, including its agents, employees and representatives, will not be liable to you for any losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs and defence or settlement costs) whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the works and/or services provided by Smart Phone Medic, whether in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise. Liability of any member of Smart Phone Medic, including its agents, employees and representatives, for a breach of a condition or warranty implied by law or otherwise, and which cannot be excluded, is limited to the extent possible, at Smart Phone Medic’s option, to:

  • The supply of the goods or services again;
  • The repair of the goods; or
  • The payment of the cost of having the goods or services supplied again or repaired.

If a customer device is irreparably damaged or lost as a direct result of a repair attempt by Smart Phone Medic, liability will be limited to the current second hand value of that device. Smart Phone Medic will determine the second hand value of the device, taking into account factors such as aesthetic state and condition of the device, and workability of individual parts/components. If payment was not yet rendered for service, the repair quote shall be deducted from the assessed second hand value. In order to receive a replacement device, the customer’s damaged device must be rendered to Smart Phone Medic.

7. Liquid Damage

An upfront, non-refundable investigation fee may be required for liquid damage repairs as determined by the Customer Service Representative and regardless of the outcome. Smart Phone Medic bears no responsibility for the outcome of liquid damage repairs. Any repair where liquid damage is discovered is not covered by the Smart Phone Medic lifetime warranty.

8. Unlocking

Where you have requested we unlock your device, there may be instances where the unlocking process may be rejected, and in these circumstances, the service will be non-refundable. Instances where this may occur include providing an incorrect IMEI number, passcode or instances where your device has been registered lost or blocked. Further, if your device is an Apple iPhone, we request that you turn off Apple iCloud and ensure that you have the correct Apple iTunes ID and authorisation. Unlocking the network does not clear the device of the registered ID and any failure to follow the correct procedures may result in the unlocking process being rejected.

9. Devices With No Power and/or Broken LCD’s

Smart Phone Medic’s repair process involves a thorough device testing both before and after the repair is conducted. If the Smart Phone Medic Technician is unable to test the device prior to the repair due to any of the below listed reasons, Smart Phone Medic cannot be held liable for untested functions that do not operate after the repair, due to it’s inability to verify they’re functionality and condition prior to the repair:

  • The Device has no power or cannot be powered on

  • Access to the device and it’s functions is not provided or available
  • The LCD of the device is broken

10. Waterproof Devices

Smart Phone Medic cannot guarantee that waterproof devices will remain waterproof after being repaired. We advise you to take the necessary precautions in relation to waterproof devices and you agree to release us from any loss or damage as a result of your device ceasing to be waterproof.

11. Collection and Payment

After receiving notification that your device repair is complete, you have a maximum of 60 days to pay and collect it. If your product remains unclaimed, Smart Phone Medic reserves the right under law to dispose of that product in whichever way Smart Phone Medic deems fit. This includes the sale of your device with no fiscal compensation to the original owner. Any completed repairs that are not paid or collected within 30 days may incur an additional fee.

12. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Smart Phone Medic reserves the right to make changes to the above Terms and Conditions at any time, and it is your responsibility to check you have read the most recent revision. Please note: No person has the authority to make any changes to our Terms and Conditions without the written authorization of Smart Phone Medic’s management.

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